handicrafts course

handicrafts course

EGP 2000


Course Objectives 

  • Developing Creative Skills: The course aims to enhance and cultivate the creative skills of children through engaging hands-on activities and projects.
  • Learning the Concept of Entrepreneurship: Children can learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship by designing and producing their own products and understanding how to market them.
  • Stimulating Innovative Thinking: The course is designed to stimulate innovative thinking in children, encouraging them to find unique solutions to problems.
  • Enhancing Fine Motor Skills: It addresses the enhancement of fine motor skills in children through activities that involve designing and crafting items independently.
  • Promoting Collaboration and Teamwork: The course encourages collaboration among children, fostering teamwork skills through collaborative projects.
  • Developing Organizational Abilities: It aims to boost children's organizational abilities, helping them manage their time effectively while working on their artistic projects.
  • Building Self-Confidence: Through the completion of their individual projects, children can improve their self-confidence and understand the value of their creative work.
  • Fostering Environmental Awareness: The course may encourage children to use recyclable materials or sustainable resources in producing their artistic works, promoting environmental consciousness.
  • Guiding Children's Interest Toward Specific Fields: It can assist in directing children's interests toward specific fields such as handicrafts, design, or entrepreneurship.
  • Creating a Fun Learning Experience: The course strives to make the learning process enjoyable and motivating for children through creative activities and engaging projects.



  • sections: 0
  • Feature: Yes
  • Duration: 20 Hours
  • Specialties: Technical courses
  • Quizzes: Yes
  • Language: Arabic
  • Certificate: Yes

Course Syllabus

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